Clipping Path Quality Assurance

Clipping path quality assurance first vision is to be assured the quality of our every photo editing Services. We are always trying to take clients satisfaction so that we can make a goodwill about quality. We believe if we can do this we will be reached the top level among photo editing companies.

So What Just Is Neck Joint Service?

Remove mannequin from the dress image by Neck Joint Service and enjoy an invisible doll mannequin.

If you are an online dress seller or retailer, then you know better how important perfect filling dress photos on the social media or website to catch the attention of the valuable customers.

Usually, the photographer can’t shot a perfect full view of garments; normally photographers take photos of Front Part & back part. Then experts mix the full view using Photoshop by adding or joining the neck part. Also, they create a ghost part matching with the color of garments.

The finished products will look as natural. Meanwhile, nobody will understand that this part is created by someone else.

Who needs the Neck Joint Service?

Neck Joint Service, is an excellent photo editing service which is highly beneficial for product photographers and e-commerce retailers. However, it also helps in engaging your product outlook in the online shop. In a word, it drives to get more revenue.

Neck join services are used widely by manufacturers, store chains, online retailers, online store owners, stock photography companies, e-commerce shop owners, affiliate marketers, and online product sellers.

Our Service Neck Joint Service categories

Garments Industry – If you are in the garment sector, have a look at our ghost mannequin.

Professional Photo Editor – professional photo editor, need this service widely. Our ghost mannequin or neck joint services can save lots of efforts and time.

E-commerce Business – people who are working or running in an e-commerce business, usually you have to maintain lots of photos every day. Our ghost mannequin services can help you much for comfort as well as decent profit from your business.

Professional Photographers – professional photographers have to use mannequin service a lot for commercial purpose. You guys can try our joint neck service.

Photo Editing Agency – on a daily basis many photo editing agencies take these services. And we have a good reputation for this service.

Others – All kinds of personal and professional users who deal with photos can try our neck joint effect


Photoshop service to increase their works to get quality feedback.

Categories of neck joint Effect in Photoshop

  • Neck Joint
  • Bottom Joint
  • Sleeves Joint
  • 3D/360° packs Ghost Mannequin Effects

Neck Joint- When you give front part and back part of the products, then the specialist team will cut out to join those parts properly. The result will look just like a real product. This service is hugely used for all types of garment products (T-shirts, shirt, Pants, Sweaters).

Bottom Join- If you are an online reseller, you will see some products which back part is a bit longer than its front part. Thus, bottom joint support to show longer part properly. Our team can help you out there.

Sleeves Joint- This sleeves joint widely used for long sleeve Jackets, shirts, T-shirts, etc. to give a blank effect to give 3D shape.

3D/360° packs Ghost Mannequin Effect- 360ᵒ/3D Effect enables to display the product in various angles. We will design a video or animation as
client requirement and then show you how it looks.


We are committed that we will provide good quality services by understanding client’s requirement. We are committed to delivering every service within a committed deadline. Clipping path service and our every photo editing service will be delivered within a committed deadline.